Brian McFie BA (Hons) Fine Art PGDCE


born 16/06/60

Brian McFie attended Glasgow School of art between 1979 and 1983 where he studied Fine Art (Drawing and Painting) under the tutelage of Barbara Rae. During his time there he developed an interest in the 'process' and continues to develop work and ideas with this in mind on a daily basis. Exposure to artwork by Tapies, Twombly, Rauschenberg, De Kooning, Motherwell, and Mitchell sparked an enduring passion for abstract painting, which has encouraged his own lifelong search for inherent truth and the sublime. This runs concurrently with a love of landscape work, especially that of Turner, The Impressionists and The Scottish Colourists which is clearly evident in his on-going pastel drawings, drawings and paintings many of which are plein air works.


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